St. Edmund School Modernization
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Catholic Schools
August 2020
8,009 m2

St. Edmund Catholic K-9 School houses three sports academies for hockey, soccer, and recreation. The two storey brick clad school exterior was in surprisingly good condition for its 1950s vintage construction. As a result, window replacement and re-roofing was the primary focus of the exterior modernization.

The original school did have severe shortcomings relative to on site parking, bus and student drop off and staff parking. To alleviate these problems a new staff parking lot was added to the west off the school, and a new parking lot with student drop off was incorporated to the east of the school.

The primary focus of the modernization was the inclusion of a new two storey glazed facade and entrance which houses the relocated main floor administration area and the second floor renovated Learning Commons. The interior of the school was completely upgraded for finishes, mechanical and electrical infrastructure, and programmatic design functionality. New CTS, Music Room, Fitness Room, and Foods Lab spaces compliment the layout revisions incorporated into the school’s programmatic layout. The existing school boasted two gymnasiums — one large gym, which was only minimally renovated and a smaller elementary gym, which was extensively improved.

Phases One and Two and Three were completed prior to September 2019. Phase Four (final phase) was completed in the spring of 2020. The school has undergone extensive asbestos abatement as well as several found condition adjustments during course of construction.