Neerlandia Public Christian K-9 School
Pembina Hills Regional Division 7
December 2015
#17041 Silver certified

ACI Architects was hired as part of the Design Build team “Jen-Col Construction” to complete the design, working drawings and construction of a replacement school for the Pembina School Division. The original design up to the extent of development permit was completed by Workun Garrick Partnership as part of a Bridging Role. This new replacement school was for the construction of a 275 student capacity (with modulars) to a full build out capacity of 300 students. The overall gross building area is 2,749 m² and 3 modulars added on for a combined total of 3,049 m².

With the school able to accommodate 300 students at full capacity, it generated a need for a small school footprint on site where there is already an existing school. Some of the site challenges were to work around the existing parking lot and drop off areas as the previous school requires access to these during construction. A new parking lot and drop off area was designed and phased to coincide with the new school opening and the demolition of the old school.

The floor plan is a linear design spreading out from the main Flex space central core. As the school is a K-9, one wing was designated for the younger students and the second towards the older grades. The CTS lab is large and has the ability to be a foods classroom. Some of the other key components were Science, Drama and Music. The main entrance also allows access into the library for after hours use for the community. The school incorporates numerous features to reduce capital construction costs, ongoing operating and energy costs, and provide long-range durability. Daylighting within the school has been maximized for energy reduction and psychological reasons.

The overall budget for the school is reflective of the economic climate in Neerlandia. The challenge of designing to meet program and functional requirements within a reasonable budget demanded a strategy that includes all practical methods of applying value management process.