Bonnyville Centralized High School Modernization
Bonnyville AB
Northern Lights School Division
August 2021
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The original 1958 school received a major stand-alone building addition in 1971 and minor modernizations occurred in 1990/1991. Generally, the original 1958 structure was seldom used by the actual High School.

The intent of this project was to modernize and expand the school while following 21st century learning environments principles. The succeeding design solution was based on the following project needs:

  • Optimize site conditions with building orientation and design — new parking surface and access from a new street with a new entry located at new street.
  • Accessibility — design of vertical circulation with a new elevator, completed barrier-free accessibility for all areas of the school.
  • Programming — based on the 10-12 structure with the addition of a Learning Commons; CTS spaces and full modernization (all spaces and systems), addition of a gymnasium and new administration area.
  • Life Safety — efficient circulation for students, faculty members and staff keeping accessibility, safety and security in mind.
  • Phased plan for construction including a detailed plan for decanting and swing space completed in three phases.
  • Sustainability — design for LEED Silver certification; roof-mounted PVs and BIPVs, low water consumption fixtures, ERV units for HVAC.

The scope of this project included a major modernization (mechanical, electrical, site improvements, code upgrades, barrier free upgrades, hazardous materials abatement, and program upgrades) of the Bonnyville Centralized High School original permanent core (4,950 m²). The modernization included a demolition of the original 1958 gym, partial demolition of the permanent core area, plus an addition of 1,164 m² to allow the school to accommodate a built-out capacity of 550 students.