Lloydminster Fire Station 1
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
City of Lloydminster
March 2022
1,637 m2

Changing operational requirements and enhanced capacity as well as limited space for on-call emergency personnel and administrative support determined the City’s decision to vacate the existing Fire Station #1 and construct a new Fire Station that would meet the current needs as well as future expansion and service areas.

Although also crucial components, designing a fire station is about more than apparatus bays, training towers, gear storage, and fire poles. Considerations must be made not only to functionality and durability but also to mental health and inclusivity. Firefighters put their lives on the line (in many ways) every day to protect society. With this role comes elevated levels of stress, cases of PTSD, sleep deprivation, and being away from their homes and families for extended periods.

ACI’s design goals were to create a space that functioned optimally while also providing an emotionally supportive and stress-relieving environment. This was achieved through residential-style gathering rooms, natural light and connection to the outdoors, an earth-toned colour palette, biophilic wood accents, and soft and controlled artificial lighting systems.