Strathcona County RCMP Detachment Expansion
Sherwood Park Alberta
Strathcona County and RCMP
December 2016
6,649 m²

This project was awarded to Stephens Kozak ACI Architects and Planners twenty-five years after the original construction - the design for which was also completed by Stephens Kozak Architects in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. In 2012, this major modernization and expansion was approved by the County to accommodate the tremendous growth of the community of Sherwood Park and of Strathcona County overall. The original location was deemed still serviceable and - subject to development of a multi-storey tower somewhere on the site - it was still large enough to accommodate a significant expansion.

The building was designed to meet the Client’s sustainability criteria with an air tight building envelope and enhanced energy management. The County did not pursue a LEED certification. Building materials including interior finishes were selected in part for their composition and embedded energy requirements.

Stephens Kozak ACI Architects and Planners Inc. (SK-ACI) retained and coordinated a full-service integrated consultant team including distinct structural, mechanical, electrical, civil, acoustical and building envelope engineers for the preparation of all site planning, design options and documentation, specifications and construction drawings. SK-ACI administered the tender phase including bid analysis and recommendations, supported the County towards approval of final go forward decisions and provided contract administration services over thirty months related to the stipulated-sum construction contract.

The existing detachment remained fully operational during construction of the new building, requiring work to occur in carefully detailed phases to ensure security throughout. The plan was dictated in large degree by three (3) main elements: adding on to the existing building around the existing RCMP detachment, while not compromising vehicle parking nor circulation; relocating and redesigning a now undersized south-facing main entry to a larger, more welcoming, east-facing serviceable space closer to public parking; and phasing renovations for approximately 70% of the existing building once occupants had transferred into the new three-storey tower.