EPS Southwest Division Station
Edmonton AB
Edmonton Police Service
March 2013
6,763 m2
#12054 Silver certified

The Edmonton Police Service site forms a critical link between the residential district to the South and commercial development to the North and West so a pedestrian connection between the two is provided on the site by the continuation of a pedestrian promenade along the west side of the property. In order to accommodate community related functions and interface with the Edmonton Police Service the main approach to the police station public entrance overlaps and integrates with the promenade to form an open plaza space where community gatherings can be staged.

To provide a community friendly building that welcomes the public and integrates into the surrounding community, the exterior community plaza space will enhance the ability to host functions in the Community Room, located directly adjacent to the main public entrance lobby. To provide clearly defined areas for the public, operational areas, and high security areas the design uses the “onion skin” approach, with increasing levels of security within the building, determined by the functional plan and zoning which progresses from the public spaces through the administrative areas on to the higher security areas..

A compact building plan was provided that maximizes on-site parking and amenities. The design met the Principles of Urban Design mandated by the Edmonton Design Committee. Artwork was incorporated into the lobby with a mural integrated into the design at an early stage.