Cochrane RCMP / Municipal Enforcement Detachment
Cochrane AB
Town of Cochrane / RCMP
February 2023
3,701 m²

This project combines RCMP and Municipal Enforcement functions as a public face for Protective Services for the Town of Cochrane. The site on the western edge of the town is set to provide a community-welcoming presence along the Bow Valley Trail, and create a harmonious transition into the surrounding residential neighborhood.

The design concept is based on integrating the protective services to a common end, while retaining a distinct internal separation of two specific user functions. Space requirements for municipal enforcement and RCMP were formulated and concluded through analysis, negotiation, and owner-user-consultant collaboration.

The public lobby accesses separate reception areas for both RCMP and Cochrane Municipal Enforcement public services. A multipurpose room and Victim Services Unit are directly accessible from the lobby, as are Fingerprinting and Interview.

The southeast staff vestibule is combined for Municipal use and RCMP civilian staff. A separate staff entrance toward the north-east corner is dedicated to RCMP members and is connected directly to their operations.

Shared internal staff areas include Lockers, Gym and Break Room. Expansion space anticipates the future needs of the municipality.