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Architectural Design

Intelligent, pragmatic, inspired solutions imagined by and debated among passionate, young professionals and seasoned designers. Collaborative design charrettes and animated stakeholder engagement sessions built around your team. Research into precedents, exploration of opportunities. Responsible, innovative and value-driven solutions sensitive to our planet and our health.

Interior Design

We believe that beauty and functionality are at the heart of every successful building's interior design.  Our team strives to translate expertise and inspiration into dynamic and meaningful places that enrich the human experience.  We are mindful of the large and small details that culminate in spaces that reflect who you are, what you do, and support how you do it.

Master Planning

Flexibility. Future-proofing. Growth. The next phase. There isn’t a project that launches without at least one of these considerations. Alone or in conjunction with full design scope our professionals will present solutions for long-term site and/or building expansion. Whether your big-picture vision is already defined or still fluid, your investment merits a robust master plan. Not only one that allows seamless integration of project components but one that supports implementation with minimal waste and disruption to operations.

Feasibility Studies

You are making go/no-go decisions that entail the commitment of increasingly scarce resources. Your decisions are under scrutiny by a board or by the electorate. You want to minimize risk. Preparation is key. On our own or as part of a multi-disciplinary team we’ll review site, infrastructure, existing physical plant, operations, equipment, efficiencies and most importantly – potential. Potential for the alignment of needs with aspirations, of projections with reality. We’ll make sound recommendations to support an informed decision.

BIM, 3D and Virtual Reality

We employ a range of digital tools to synchronize project documents including presentations, construction drawings, and 3D models. Through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and tools such as Revit we are able to create a live model which is accessible by all members of the team through cloud-based infrastructure. With an integrated design process using Revit's live 3D model combined with the high definition rendering plugin Enscape, designers can see the building virtually and make design changes in real time.

Facility Evaluations

Physical and functional evaluations for a variety of building types. We collaborate with specialty consultants to address various issues related to assessing the condition of buildings and their systems.
“We create 3D visualizations of our projects so users can understand the feel of a building long before construction begins. 360° panoramas and VR walkthroughs allow them to virtually explore the spaces.”
Steve Bethel
BIM Director
Complete Visualization

Render vs. Actual

With highly accurate renderings, every project can be efficiently designed and developed.