What is LEED® ?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) is a sustainable building design approach with which ACI has a successful track record.  We have been designing most of our projects including schools and protective services buildings to LEED standards since its ad hoc adoption as an industry benchmark .

In Alberta, municipalities and the provincial governments have been early adopters of the standard as sustainability is of growing interest to building owners and managers who are increasingly aware of the correlation between intelligent up-front investment in building design and construction and long-term return on investment.


ACI has two LEED® Accredited Professionals (AP), several Green Associates (GA), and one WELL® AP; LEED® being a sustainable building standard and WELL® being a performance verification standard for human health and wellness within the building. The two standards compliment each other when implemented. We take our role as designers seriously in developing efficient buildings that also provide healthy indoor environments for their occupants.

As the industry tightens energy consumption requirements and codes, our staff are capably adapting our designs to meet these requirements. Minimizing the environmental footprint of durable and energy efficient buildings is always at the forefront of our designs whether driven by the requirement to achieve LEED certification or by a sense of professional responsibility to our clients.

Green Building


For additional information on LEED®, sustainability and the built environment in Canada, please visit the Canada Green Building Council at

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LEED Gold Certified

LEED Certified

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