Kim Hung K-9 School
Edmonton AB
Edmonton Public Schools
January 2018
6,881 m²
#17829 Silver certified

This package of three K-9 Edmonton Public Schools showcases an exemplary commitment to design, detail, and client architect collaboration. With a combined budget of 55 million dollars, the schools will accommodate over 900 students each. Even though layout of the schools remains fundamentally the same, based on a strict allotted floor area, each school has a distinct individual design direction. The direction is such that the schools have little resemblance to one another from a visual standpoint.

Kim Hung (Granville), which is located in the west end of Edmonton, reflects the natural materials and earth tones found in the surrounding area. The interior is a direct reflection of the natural materials shown on the exterior and is brought in through wood grain wall tiles, rectilinear lighting and large-scale artwork. This site was required to have a delayed opening due to a fire in May 2017, just months before scheduled turnover. As a result of the collaboration of all parties, this school was able to open mid-year.