Leduc RCMP Detachment Expansion
Leduc Alberta
City of Leduc and RCMP
December 2021
5,987 m²

SK-ACI began work with the City of Leduc and EllisDon Construction Services Inc. on the existing detachment. A 3D point model was generated with the latest scanning technology to help locate all the walls and ceilings, as well as services and structures in the plenum spaces, forming a base for the Revit model. With the coordination with the general contractor, the owner/users, and consultants the model was manipulated to generate information to help in the designing of the spaces and the additions.

Based on the need to keep the detachment open while construction was underway, the project was split into phases. The additions were designed and scheduled to be completed first to allow for the users to relocate into these new spaces while the renovations of the existing detachment take place.

Building construction Phase 1 included additions to the northwest and east sides of the building, a three storey building and out building. Building construction Phase 2 to 5 includes demolition of existing garage bays to extend building to the north; removing existing interior walls, millwork and finishes to construct new spaces within the building; removal of exterior wall finishes and replacing with new building envelope and cladding; additional front entrance with canopy and exterior glass enclosure.

Currently the additions are constructed as the first phase and we are in Phase 3 of construction, renovating interior spaces. Construction is scheduled for completion in December 2021.