Dr. Lila Fahlman New K-9 School
Edmonton Alberta
Edmonton Public Schools
September 2017
6,881 m²
#17827 Silver certified

This new school is one of a package of three K-9 Edmonton Public Schools which showcase an exemplary commitment to design, detail, and client–architect collaboration.

With a combined budget of 55 million dollars, the schools will accommodate over 900 students each. Even though layout of the schools remains fundamentally the same, based on a strict allotted floor area, each school has a distinct individual design direction. The direction is such that the schools will have little resemblance to one another from a visual standpoint.

Dr. Lila Fahlman (Allard), which is located in the southwest region of Edmonton, lends itself towards a more textural theme by using “touchable” visual shapes and textures both on the exterior facade and on the interior. These elements have been incorporated throughout the design, even including the lighting.

The intent of this project was to create an engaging learning environment for students and teachers alike, while keeping the schools on time and on budget. Great care was taken to collaborate fully with our client, Edmonton Public Schools, to present the best option that reflects their vision for the future of education facilities within the City.