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Feb 20, 2015

The Trip That Went to the Dogs

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This year, ACI treated all of our team and their families to a winter trip in Canmore to experience the thrill of a dog sledding adventure! We were looking forward to spending time in the mountains with the beautiful dogs and experienced guides of Mad Dogs and Englishmen, but the weather did not cooperate. Due to a lack of snow, and rain that persisted throughout the night (In the mountains! In February!) making the high alpine roads treacherous at best, our dog sledding adventure had to be cancelled. Mad Dogs and Englishmen made the best of the situation though, by giving us a tour of the dog kennels and treating us to a fantastic meal by the fire.

The beautiful weather did allow for very enjoyable explorations around town, and the heated outdoor pool and hot tub at Mystic Springs Chalets were a big hit!

Thanks ACI, for this fantastic getaway in the mountains!

Dog poking its head out of a dog house
View of mountains and stream
Person petting dog
Greeting sled dog