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May 22, 2019

Provincial Skills Canada Competition

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For the third year in a row I had the opportunity to judge the Provincial Skills Canada Competition in Alberta for the Architecture Technology and Design team. The 2 day competition was held at the Edmonton Expo Centre and was a beehive of activity. The event is used to highlight to students and visitors the courses available and the educational facilities that offer them.

Competitors from all around the province and from both Secondary and Post-Secondary institutions come to show off their skills in a very limited amount of time. This year I judged the Post-Secondary group of students from Athabascan University, Medicine Hat College, NAIT, and SAIT and another Edmonton technical college.

I am a NAIT alumnus from the Architectural Technologies program and feel pride in this year’s competitors and their submissions. The programs for testing their skills have progressed to meet the National competition level and the current industry standards. Skills Canada competitions work to help develop young minds in anticipation of future trends that will help Canada compete successfully in the changing market. Each student should be proud of their work that represented their respective educational facility. Well done everyone.

Students from each education level will be selected to represent Alberta at the National Skills Canada competition in Halifax at the end of May. I wish all the best for each of the competitors from this year who took the time to challenge themselves.

This year’s gold medalist for post-secondary is Jacob, a NAIT graduate currently enrolled in Athabasca University’s RAIC_IRAC Architectural program. Congratulations!