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Apr 28, 2015

2015 Alberta Masonry Design Awards

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We’re excited to announce that Stephens Kozak ACI Architects and Planners received an Honourable Mention for the Edmonton Police Service Southwest Division Station located in Windermere.

The project showcases Tyndall Stone at four prominent exterior walls visible from the west and south. Tyndall stone is a unique material containing patterns created by fossils, crystals and petrified material which give each piece a distinctive appearance. Some fossils are still clearly visible – be careful though as the police may be watching you if you stare too long!

The cladding on three of the four walls extends into the building. This creates a sense of continuity between interior and exterior spaces while allowing us to maintain the integrity of the building envelope.

The fourth wall is the most interesting as it leans outward from the base to the parapet giving the appearance that the wall will soon topple. Don’t worry – the backup structure is designed to handle the load of the blocks pulling away from the building.

Thanks to Protostatix Engineering Ltd., for helping bring this playful idea to life. The installer, Scorpio Masonry, made this installation appear flawless as there was much onsite work to get the corner and edge pieces to match the split face front of the block. Without their collaboration we would not have won this award, and we are pleased to share the credit.

Thank you to the Alberta Masonry Review Board for recognizing this project. We look forward to wowing the judges again in the future.