Chris Page & Associates Ltd.
Edmonton AB
Chris Page & Associates Ltd.
May 2014

The aim of the project was to increase office space and functionality for a growing lubricant sales and distribution enterprise serving the oil and gas industry, while providing a bold, contemporary corporate presence on an otherwise dreary street. The curve on the exterior facade was specifically designed to be reminiscent of oil and lubricant storage facilities; the owner wanted us to think outside of the box. ACI was prime consultant and provided full services including interior design.

The project required the demolition of an 300 sq.m existing office building while retaining and operating the warehouse at 100% throughout the office rebuild. The office building was designed on the same ‘footprint’ as the original, but with twice the area. The functional objective was to provide smoother running, process oriented office space, create a more appropriate executive suite, as well as provide an assembly space for all staff to attend daily strategy meetings. The objective was to have higher quality space, and a more comfortable and pleasing work environment.

The client’s growing demand resulted in doubling their existing office space. The client also wanted a very contemporary industrial look. The design solution was to develop offices in small groups all in close proximity to one another. The upper offices were designed for internal staff, i.e. accounting and record keeping, while the lower floor was designed for front line staff. A large lunch room was created to act as a bull pen, to provide a resting point and work organization where drivers and warehouse staff could take a break and get organized prior to heading out for their next assignment. A polished concrete floor was provided for aesthetics, durability and ease of cleaning. The staircase was designed to float in the space. Natural light was provided throughout the majority of the space.