The firm operates with the understanding that each client group begins a project with a unique set of resources, requirements, budget and future needs. We’re small enough to ‘turn on a dime’ and adapt to a client’s changing targets yet large enough to handle complex, phased, fast-track projects.

By re-examining the traditional techniques used in the provision of architectural services, ACI has been able to develop expertise in a wide range of unique and exacting areas of practice. Implementations such as “plain language” specifications and “assembly drawings” have contributed to ACI’s reputation as a common-sense industry leader.

A commitment to the inclusion of Interior Design services as a value-added feature on all projects brings a rich diversity of experience to your project as well as providing complete aesthetic co-ordination and the ability to fully integrate building aesthetics, furniture, fittings and fixtures. This allows ACI to deliver a complete package of services that owners may not otherwise be prepared to assemble on their own.

ACI has also proven through experience the ability to deliver a variant of project management services to clients that results in a higher level of design integration with the owner’s equipment, furnishing and commissioning needs.