Opportunities with ACI

The workplace environment at ACI Architects is one that combines the technical expertise of practical, experienced and common sense professionals with the curiosity and eagerness of a young team keen to learn and empowered to explore. All of this is supported primarily by a state-of-the-art Apple/Mac infrastructure and platform that is consistently upgraded. The investment in staff training is ongoing, whether in-house or through conferences and workshops. All staff initiatives that involve advancement and improvement through continuing education are examined and discussed with the individual, and 99% are then approved and funded. In-house production quality is the result of documented, proven design and technical standards that maximize knowledge transfer from senior team members to all project teams.

The firm brings to every project a balance of architects, interns, technologists and interior designers. A principal of the firm who guides the professional staff and sub-consultants is assigned to every project. When project teams are established and work gets underway, every effort is made to allow staff to follow through on a project from beginning to end. This provides staff with exposure to all areas of the practice, increases the individuals’ confidence and maintains the continuity that clients value.

If you are creative, resourceful, flexible and enjoy challenging projects of all sizes, see the Current Opportunities section on the left for available positions.