What is LEED®?

LEED® is the acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – an independently verified rating system that measures and promotes sustainable design and operation of buildings.

Sustainability is of growing interest to building owners and managers, who are increasingly aware of the correlation between intelligent up-front investment in building design and construction and long-term return on investment. We take our role seriously as designers in leading the way towards developing efficient buildings that also provide healthy indoor environments for their occupants. Minimizing the environmental footprint on site and planning proactively for end-of-life recyclability are also parameters we apply during design.

Buildings account for 40% of total Canadian secondary energy use and for 30% (approximately three billion tonnes) of raw material production annually. Municipalities struggle with increased demands on water supply, waste management and distribution – our contribution to intelligent use of these resources benefits the community, the owner and society in general.


ACI has several LEED® accredited professionals that participate as integral team members of projects pursuing LEED® certification. These professionals subscribe to a variety of information services and attend seminars and workshops to remain current and informed as to technologies, materials and systems available in the current construction market that further sustainability goals.

ACI is familiar with implementing strategies and appropriate application of LEED® to achieve certification goals while delivering them in a cost neutral or cost optimized fashion. LEED® credits are carefully reviewed to determine applicability for a given project within the guiding framework of the overall design and project objectives.

ACI LEED® Certified Projects

Beaverlodge School, LEED Silver Certified
RMWB South Policing Facility, LEED Certified
Joussard K-6 School, LEED Silver Certified
Cranston School*, LEED Gold Certified
Airdrie Francophone K-12 School, LEED Silver Certified
Edmonton Police Service South Station, LEED Silver Certified
The City of Red Deer Downtown RCMP, LEED Silver Certified
RMWB Police Headquarters, LEED Silver Certified
Holy Trinity Catholic High School, LEED Gold Certified

ACI LEED® Pending Projects

Neerlandia K-9 School, LEED Silver Pending
Parsons Creek Schools, LEED Silver Pending

*Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement Bridging Architect